Merete Barker (b. August 17, 1944, Birkerød, Denmark) is one of Denmark’s most prominent artists. Since her first solo exhibition in 1974, Merete Barker has created a long list of spectacular works, ranging from experiments with concrete-abstract sculptures to grandiose, expressionistic paintings based on her extensive journeys abroad. Merete Barker’s art comprises to a large extent a reflection on nature and culture – and on the role of mankind within it.

Merete Barker has been awarded numerous honorary scholarships, as well as the Eckersberg Medal and the Danish Arts Foundation’s Lifelong Artist’s Grant.

Her principal works hang in, amongst other places, the National Gallery of Denmark, Vejle Art Museum, the Art Museum in Tønder, Trapholt Art Museum Kolding, Randers Museum of Art, the University of Copenhagen, Merete Barker Auditorium, Aarhus University and the Danish Parliament.