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Merete Barker Auditorium, Aarhus University. 2010 – read more here

H.C. Ørsted Institute, University of Copenhagen. 2007

Danish Parliament. 2004

Department of Scandinavian Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen. 2003

Randers Museum of Art. 2006

National Gallery of Denmark. 1996

Vejle Art Museum – read more here

The Art Museum in Tønder

Trapholt Art Museum Kolding

Ny Carlsberg Foundation

KUNSTEN – Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg
After The Rockies. 260×195 cm. 1986

HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art
The Wave. 195×288 cm. 1986

Finsen Building, University Hospital of Copenhagen. 1991

Merete Barker Auditorium, Handelshøjskolen Aarhus. 1989
The Red Mountain Stands On Clouds. 290×220 cm. 1989